E-cigarette explodes

An e-cigarette exploded in the pocket of an employee at a New York City wine store Wednesday, badly burning the man, his attorney said.
Otis Gooding, 31, was standing behind the store counter and talking with co-workers when the e-cigarette exploded, burning his leg, thigh and hand, said attorney ….New York (CNN)

Press work = Fury of e-cigarettes?

This is very sad and frightening at the same time, and I wish the young man a good recovery and a speedy recovery. But what makes the press again is even more frightening. She rushes like the vulture on this incident and is happy that she can spread negative again about the e-cigarette and can further discourage the population. Quite consciously, it seems to me, is concealed, that it is just a China-Ramsch replica of an American battery bearer, which as a regular part would regularly beat the $ 200 to book. The Chinese version, which the injured party brought to the specialist shop, he had bought for just 20 euros on the Internet. In order for the sensation to be maintained, however, such facts are deliberately concealed in order to make people even more afraid of e-cigarettes.

Cheap batteries and rechargeable batteries should be avoided

Especially if you are dealing with sensitive electronic components such as rechargeable batteries or rechargeable batteries, which can also contain, leak or even explode, one should refrain from purchasing cheap goods from the Internet. The safety and safety of people who are close to the steam should always be a priority, since even the smallest technical deficiencies can have serious consequences.

For reasons of security, you should only buy original parts, even if they are much more expensive. The steam community has been warning for quite some time before cheap replicas (mainly from China) and evokes steamers of e-cigarettes and e-Sishas to avoid such purchases as much as possible.

Particular attention should be paid to those steamers that assemble or build their e-cigarettes from different hardware components. There should be a minimum level of technical expertise in order to be able to select components which are technically compatible. Otherwise, complete systems or individual components of the same manufacturer are preferable, because technical compatibility is not limited to the fact that the threads fit together.

The first case in Ireland at all

Exploding e-cigarettes abroad has been reported several times. It is sad that there was now also a case in Ireland Nevertheless, anyone can easily figure that the chance of an explosion with 3 million steamers and only one explosion is relatively small. If one also avoids the purchase of low-cost products in the case of possible individual components, or if the used original parts of branded e-cigarettes are used, the chance of a possible explosion is almost zero. So where is the reason for such a panic?

What is the risk of explosion caused by e-cigarettes?

As we have just discussed, there are 3 million steamers and a single exploded cigarette all over Ireland. Very worrying. And because of this 0.000033 percent is now spread nationwide the same (sorry for the expression) idiotic press message, which was quasi so written that one must necessarily understand it as a warning against e-cigarettes? … so stupid and unbelievable is not really any more. And then one wonders seriously why the term “lie press” makes the round more and more? Sufferers are reputable media (who are still there, thank God) and shaking steamers alike. Even more concerned are smokers who want to switch to the e-cigarette to do their own health a favor. Exactly this clientele is unnecessarily unsettled by such a nonsense and may remain precisely due to such messages with the much more dangerous cigarette.

What else is exploding?

If you are still unsure, you should quickly dispose of your mobile phone or smartphone. Googled for example “smartphone exploded” one finds here scary 9.950.000 hits, which should be enough reason for the immediate disposal of the beloved mobile phone.
Google searches for exploding products:

Smartphone exploded (9.950.000 hits)
Tablet exploded (8.610.000 hits)
Herd exploded (482,000 hits)
Mobile phone exploded (246,000 hits)
Fireplace exploded (178.000 Hits)
TV exploded (174,000 hits)
Champagne bottle exploded (9.950 Hits)
Gas cooker exploded (7.260 Hits)

Conclusion on exploding e-cigarettes

Such messages should always be relativized, questioned and further researched in case of doubt. As a steamer of electric cigarettes (no matter whether established or newcomer) you have to worry about a possible risk of explosion, especially when you buy tested and compatible brand hardware.


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