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E-Cigarettes – Cleaning & Care


Even the best and most expensive e-cigarette should be subjected to thorough cleaning at regular intervals. This applies not only to the mouthpiece and the steam channel but above all also to the evaporator head.

At the latest when the e-cigarette does not taste right, many steamers already use a new coil. However, this is often unnecessary since a thorough cleaning can bring the evaporator back to front. If you want to keep your e-cigarette clean or clean, here are some helpful tips.

Drip-Tip Clean mouthpiece and steam channel

As condensation and liquid deposits accumulate over time in the steam channel and the mouthpiece, these parts should be cleaned approximately 1 to 2 times a day with a regularly used steam. For this purpose, simply use a kitchen crepe or similar, which is twisted together and pulled through the previously removed mouthpiece until the paper becomes thicker and passes heavier. Then just twist a little and pull it still further (see figure on the left). Already the mouthpiece channel is cleaned. For the (still) open steam channel, a kitchen crepe is also used, which can be twisted together at the front and made thicker to the rear. Then simply insert into the channel and turn it so that the channel is optimally clean (see right illustration). For smaller e-cigarettes or pen-devices with a very narrow channel you can also use a pipe cleaner.

In addition, it is advisable to clean the threaded connections between the battery and the evaporator with a cloth, since condensation and / or liquid can settle here as well.

Tip: In the meantime, there are also devices that can disinfect mouthpieces and other e-cigarette parts with UV light. You can find one under the following link

Clean the e-cigarette coil head

Why clean the clearomizer?

After prolonged use, liquid residues can settle on the heating coil, which crumble there and have a negative effect on steam performance and taste. At the latest when the e-cigarette is no longer good, strange or kokelig or the steam development deteriorates, one should consider a cleansing of the clearomizer.

General preparation

First, the evaporator must be released from the e-cigarette or from the battery carrier, completely emptied and dried with a dry cloth or kitchen paper. Of course, the mouthpiece must also be removed. Then simply loosen the coil from the holder (depending on the manufacturer or type by manual extraction or unscrewing).

1. Clean the coil dry with compressed air

The fastest and simplest variant is to blow the coil with compressed air. If you have a good pust, you can achieve results with your mouth. Even better, a compressed air gun (for steamers with a compressor) or a compressed air spray that can be purchased from a computer dealer and which is normally used to clean the keyboard and / or ventilation slots. As a result of blowing through, encrusted residues as well as other impurities are often quite passable.

2. Clean the coil dry by “dry-burn”

For coils whose heating spiral can be completely removed, the dry-burn method with subsequent blowing-through represents a supplementary variant for dry cleaning. For this purpose, the coil initially remains with the open heating coil in the device and is simply fired for a few seconds , So that encrustations can dissolve. As soon as the coil has cooled down, separate it from the unit and blow it with breathing or compressed air (as described in point 1). The disadvantage of this method is that the coil can be destroyed by this, for example, if it is thoroughly dry for a long time

3. Coil wet clean with liquid

Especially when methods such as blow-through or “dry-burn” were not promising, or the clearomizer still contains deposits, the wet cleaning can help.
3.1 Clean clearomizer with hot water

For this purpose, a container is used, in which the coil to be cleaned is laid and the whole is poured over with boiling water. In the meantime, the coil can be tacked with tweezers or small tongs and moved backwards and forwards in the water so that deposits can dissolve better. After an exposure time of approx. 30 minutes, the coil is taken out again and puffed out (as described in point 1). Then best to put on a towel, kitchen crepe or absorbent paper and leave to dry for about 4 hours.

3.2 Clean alcohol with alcohol (isopropanol)

Alternatively, you can also use 99.9% isopropanol (available in any pharmacy or on the Internet – see link below) or – completely classic – Vodka for cleaning. Isopropanol is, however, more suitable because it is more favorable and purer than vodka. This liquid cleaning solution is the most effective and makes the coils flashlight, especially if they are still subjected to an ultrasonic bath (see next section).

Procedure: Place the coil in a container made of glass, ceramics or metal (no plastic!) And pour over the alcohol without heating it. Allow to work for a few hours or simply overnight, remove the coil the next day and blow with air as described in point 1.).  It shows very well how the encrustations dissolve from the coil. Then rinse the coil well with clear water, place on a towel, kitchen crepe or absorbent paper and allow to dry for about 4 hours.

4. Clean the clearomizer with ultrasound

Anyone who has an ultrasonic cleaner can look forward to it, because in the ultrasonic bath not only glasses and other small parts, but also clearomizer coils are cleaned very effectively.

Clean the clearomizer in the ultrasonic bath

Simply place the clearomizer in the ultrasonic cleaner pan, fill with water and add 1-2 drops of rinsing agent. Then run the unit one or two times for 5 (maximum 10) minutes. Through the viewing window you can see very nicely how the dirt effectively dissolves from the coil and the water becomes slightly brownish in the course of time. Then remove the evaporator (s), rinse well with clear water, if necessary blow out and allow to dry for about 4 hours on a towel, kitchen crepe or absorbent paper. The ultrasonic bath is of course also suitable for cleaning mouthpieces and other small parts of the e-cigarette, but not for the battery or other electrically relevant components.

Note: If possible (eg for self-wound coils), the wicks or wadding should be removed from the heating coil before the ultrasonic bath.
Buy Ultrasonic Cleaner

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