Smoke alarm alarm by steam from e-cigarettes

Smoke alarm alarm by steam from e-cigarettes

Any vapers who equip their home or apartment with smoke detectors can sing a song of it. One sits nicely comfortably on the couch and enjoys his e-cigarette and suddenly the smoke detector goes off and gives shrill and red flashing fire alarm. In this article, I would like to explain why smoke detectors react to steam as well as smoke and what to do about it.

Nationwide smoke detection

Apart from the Saxons, almost all the federal states have already introduced and implemented the smoke alarm notification obligation, or there are transitional regulations. The obligation to install smoke detectors is regulated separately in the respective state building regulations of each state. Regardless of this requirement, all households are generally advised to install smoke alarms in all rooms. These are able to effectively prevent asphyxiation by carbon monoxide or smoke poisoning, thus saving the lives of residents and pets in the event of fire or unwanted smoke.

For steamers of e-cigarettes, however, this has the negative effect that many smoke detectors also react to steam and thus trigger unwanted alarms.

Are there smoke detectors for e-cigarette steamer?

Since most favorable smoke detectors are not suitable for use in kitchens, they are not only logically reacting to kitchen fumes, but also unhappily to the steam from our beloved e-cigarettes. Conversely, smoke detectors and fire detectors can also be installed in rooms where steam is applied. If you would like to install special warning and / or cookware warning systems, you should not search for conventional 0815 smoke detectors but explicitly look for the names of smoke detectors, heat detectors, heat detectors or CO2 detectors.

*) Heat and / or heat meters should always be thermo-optic for use in living rooms. Pure thermomelders are unsuitable as they react only at such a high heat that in most cases it is already too late and the fire has already spread.

Anti-steam resistant smoke detectors

The “Pyrexx PX-1 V3-Q” is a good yet very favorable, e-cigarette and cook-proof heat, fire and smoke detector. This is already available in the set of 6 for less than 130 Euro (eg Amazon). The intelligent technology has a safety mechanism that does not trigger a false alarm during the development of steam. And that neither when cooking and frying in the kitchen nor by the enjoyment of e-cigarettes. The detector reacts only when sufficient parameters indicate that it is actually a real fire. This type complies with the DIN standards.

The above-mentioned variant does not include annoying battery changes because the devices contain a permanently installed lithium battery whose lifetime is estimated to be up to 12 (or at least 10) years. The costs for the mentioned set of 6 are therefore just over 10 euros per year, if one assumes a lifetime between 10 and 12 years. This small amount thus reliably secures six rooms for this rather long period of time. Moreover, these smoke detectors are not affected by a glowing or flashing LED, which is particularly advantageous in the bedroom. The triple insect protection is also positive, which prevents the penetrating insects from triggering a false alarm by obscuring the optoelectronics.

Why does steam actually trigger an alarm?

Responsible for this is usually the integrated sensor system, which responds opto or photoelectronic as soon as a certain darkening occurs. The alarm is triggered when smoke, steam or other substances (eg insects) enter the smoke detector housing and a certain particle density is exceeded. Since the vapor of an e-cigarette has a higher particle density than, for example, cigarette quiescence, many smoke detectors react with e cigarettes, while they do not respond to normal cigarettes or do not respond much later. In addition, the detectors react differently sensitive, depending on the model and manufacturer.


Good smoke detectors offer a vital protection against fires and smoke development, which should not be omitted. It is only necessary to search for steamer or steam-proof systems. So you have the best security and there is no unnecessary false alarm. What is also pleasing is that you do not even have to dig deep into the bag.


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