Safety of E Cigarettes

Safety of  E Cigarette

Concerning the issue of e-cigarette security, progress has been made in recent years. Fortunately, it is very rarely to security problems with the E cigarette in view of the abmillion of vapers. Even if the press with the motto “E Cigarette Exploded” sometimes wants to give a different impression.


Online or in E cigarettes shops, everyone can buy from an immense selection even the strongest e-cigarettes. No matter which e-cigarette you use, all have one thing in common: They have a battery that is potentially dangerous and therefore should be handled with care. If the E-cigarette is abused or used contrary to its provisions, there is a certain risk. At worst, the E-cigarette battery can degas or even explode and cause serious damage.

Regulated E cigarettes

A popular choice for beginners and advanced are regulated e-cigarettes. They allow a very simple adjustment of the power, without having to pay attention to the coil resistance or other things. In the case of e-cigarette safety, these models have various mechanisms such as protection against short circuits that could damage the battery. Of course they are still not 100% safe. As with any other electronic device, it can also have a defect with potentially serious consequences.

It is important for every consumer to know how to treat their e-cigarettes from the point of view of e cigarette security, whether you are a novice or an expert. Because even if the device is small, the battery can burn up because of various causes in flames. Therefore, we would like to point out a few points that should be taken into consideration when dealing with e-cigarettes for safety!

The E cigarette battery

In many e-cigarettes is the battery, which consists mostly of a lithium polymer (LiPo battery, (lithium polymer, a version of the lithium-ion battery), which unfortunately means that the whole device in the The battery life is 2-3 years, but the batteries can not be replaced because they often have a fixed design and are not removed by the technical design of the e-cigarette Can not be replaced

E-cigarettes with replaceable batteries usually use 18650 batteries, The advantage of replaceable batteries is obvious: if the battery is broken by a defect or has reached the end of its life span, it can easily be replaced by a new one. This is, of course, much better for the purse than if the whole e-cigarette had to be bought again.

Batteries of different types must never be mixed. It is best to only use originals from the manufacturer or certified for the E cigarette. Since there are countless types and specifications of batteries, one can only ensure that the batteries do not damage the device. So do not just go on eBay and order the nearest and cheapest battery.

E Cigarette safety on the battery

A very thin protective film is usually placed around the batteries. This should never be torn or damaged as this can cause immense damage. Even with a simple drop of the e-cigarette, the batteries can be damaged and burned into flames by the reacting chemicals. If it happens to you that the device has a violent fall, place it in a safe place (a bucket of metal would be optimal). If it comes to a fire is then at most the E-cigarette itself over and not the apartment equipment.

Not only can the E cigarette battery be damaged, but it can also be transported by the simple way of transporting it in the case. Keys, coins, etc. can damage the outer cover as well as a fall – and you certainly do not want them to explode in your pants pocket.

A basic rule of E cigarette battery safety is that the amperages stated on the battery must never be exceeded. Here, a computing tool such as e.g. Vapor Engine to help. The adjusted voltage of the E-cigarette (volt) is taken and divided by the resistance (Ohm) of the supplied coil. Anyone who has watched in school knows that the result is a value in amperes – and this value must be able to afford the battery! If not, a higher resistance coil must be used. Otherwise, the E cigarette battery gets a short circuit – and can possibly ignite or even explode.

All this applies above all to mechanical e-cigarette security. These E cigarettes come without internal circuits. These are mainly used by experienced steamers. Subsequent adjustment of the power is not possible here at all. The E cigarette battery gives all its juice to the coil. If it gets slow, the performance will be reduced. This can then only be controlled via the resistance of different coils. Observe the Ohmic law (Ohm = Volt / Ampere, Volts = Ohm * Ampere, Ampere = Volt / Ohm) and observe its limits for the battery. The battery should be charged as soon as it has less than 3.7 volts. Otherwise, it may fail or at least significantly reduce its lifetime.

Actually, it should be clear that you have a look into the instruction manual before you even the coils mounted. Nevertheless, here again the hint: Absolutely pay attention, which resistors are supported by the E-cigarette and only coils from this area. Since the subohm steam is more and more appealing, one must never go below the minimum resistance. Most importantly, this is most important for self-built coils for mechanical e-cigarettes. Check the double and triple and measure the resistance with a measuring device before you destroy your device or damage yourself by an exploding battery. Since the resistance can fluctuate in self-built coils, one should always observe a safety range of +/- 0.2 Ohm.

E Cigarette safety when charging

E-cigarette-battery-explodes Most e-cigarettes have a regulated charging mechanism, which stops the further charging as soon as they are full despite the connected cable. Sometimes, however, this function fails and the device continues to charge, which can lead to overheating and degassing. Therefore, the E cigarette should never be loaded overnight and during the day only where you have it in view. The faster the charging, the more a battery is charged, so you should always load at the slowest level.

When recharging, the plug should not provide more power than the E cigarette tolerates. This can cause overheating or even a short circuit. You will often find the necessary information on the plug itself and on the battery or in the operating instructions.

The batteries are usually charged via micro-USB cable. For this, you should only use high quality cables without wiggles, kinks or exposed wires. Best of all, the original, which is attached to the device.

Some e-cigarettes can also be vaporized during charging (pass-through function). Others, for example, have their USB port only to play new firmware. The batteries themselves are removed and charged with an external charger. You should familiarize yourself with the device from the beginning, so you know how the charging works!
The E cigarette risk further minimize

Good e-cigarettes have a lock for the fire button in order not to accidentally press them. This function should always be used. An e-cigarette should never be placed near combustible materials such as a pillow.

As with other electronic devices, the e-cigarette should never be exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Pay attention to where you place them, whether in the car or at home, so that the device does not overheat in a critical area.

Many e-cigarettes have air holes, so that in case of a defective battery no pressure builds up, which could explode the entire device. Instead, there is the so-called E-cigarette degassing.

Unfortunately, many fake e-cigarettes are on sale, so-called “E cigarette clones”. Therefore you should buy your products only at trustworthy shops. The clones often seem to be “normal”. They can, however, have extremely bad and cheap chips, circuit boards and software or simply a cheap construction from bad materials. We also recommend the purchase of used e-cigarettes if one can not trust the quality one hundred percent.

As for all batteries, the batteries from e-cigarettes also mean that they do not simply belong to the household waste but have to be recycled.





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