E-Cigarette: First step towards smoking?

E-Cigarette: First step towards smoking?

The fear is widespread: e-cigarettes could pave the way for proper smoking. However, a large study from the USA does not provide any significant information. The results can be read in the journal Drug an Alcohol Dependence.


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Apparently, there is little evidence that the Vapimg of e-cigarettes also leads to smoking tobacco cigarettes. To this result came scientists from the University of Buffalo and he University of Michigan. If you had never smoked before and had not consumed other tobacco products, by using e-cigarettes is not the right smoker. Furthermore, the scientists show some weaknesses, which had previous studies. Thus, many studies would use a misleading definition as to when smoking was to be considered. For example, the indication “at least one train in the last six months” could have smoked, merely meant that a vapers was curious about how a tobacco cigarette tasted in comparison to the e-cigarette, according to Lynn Kozlowski of the University of Buffalo. None of the studies had tracked the intensity of smoking over a long period of time. In addition, many young e-cigarette users would only smoke with aromas and do not use nicotine.

All that can be seen from earlier studies is a connection between young people who smoke e-cigarettes and the later testing of cigarettes, the researchers conclude. They believe that even if e-cigarettes is a kind of “starter” in a few cases, this will be ousted by the retrograde smoke trend. In the next step, it is important to develop regulations to minimize product risk. According to the latest findings, e-cigarettes are significantly less dangerous than cigarettes, stress the researchers.




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