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Information about e-cigarette types & differences

E-cigarette set with accessoriesThe e-cigarette is a practical alternative to conventional cigarettes for smokers. One of the reasons why the e-cigarette is becoming more and more popular is that it is a healthier alternative to the “normal” cigarette because it works by evaporating liquid, which consists of nicotine, flavor and a special carrier liquid. The vapor produced by an e-cigarette contains neither tar nor soot, no carbon monoxide and condensate, nor any other toxins normally contained in the smoke.

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Smokers can thus satisfy their nicotine requirements, but they accept about 95% less health risks. No wonder the electronic variant of the cigarette is becoming increasingly popular.

E-cigarette suitable for nicotine cessation?

This is to say that the e-cigarette is not approved as an officially recognized means of nicotine or smoking cessation. Nevertheless, it is clear to everyone what means and methods they want to reduce or eliminate their tobacco consumption, and there are many consumers who have actually succeeded with the help of e cigarettes or whistles. Many of them, however, continue to evaporate nicotine-containing liquids and are therefore still nicotine-dependent. However, they consume the nicotine in a milder way, with no additional incineration toxins such as tar, condensate and soot.

Advantages of E Cigs

In addition to the health benefits, the e-cigarette is also the cheaper alternative to conventional cigarettes. Although it initially represents a small investment, a lot of money can be saved. The refill cartridges for e-cigarettes are considered cheap and also last much longer. A further advantage is that passive smoke guards are also protected. With the e-cigarette there is practically no passive smoking. The vapor of the e-cigarette does not remain in the air and contains substantially less tobacco than is the case with normal cigarettes.

Another advantage is the cleanliness of the e-cigarette. Conventional cigarettes are normally left in the clothes and personal belongings of the smoker. This is not the case with e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes also do not need an ashtray, which in turn makes them cleaner. Many people also report that they have significantly less cough and improved breathing when using e-cigarettes. There is also a likelihood of developing pulmonary disease.

Different systems

If you are interested in the e-cigarette, you will be spoiled for choice.

There are many different models and systems, but what is the right one must ultimately be found for everyone. However, all e-cigarettes have one thing in common: the evaporation principle. In each e-cigarette, a so-called aromatized liquid (also called liquid) is heated. This evaporates and nebulises them. This vapor is very similar to that of the normal cigarette and is also inhaled when pulling the e-cigarette.

The different models

Disposable e-cigarette

One popular model is the disposable e-cigarette. This variant is a disposable product which is thrown away after only a small amount of use and which can not be refilled. For casual smokers or anyone who wants to try this new form of cigarette, one-way e-cigarette is a good option.
Micro and mini e cigarette

Another model is the so-called micro-e cigarette, which looks very similar to the normal cigarette. They are considered very small, thin and especially suitable for transfer to the e-cigarette. You can hold them well, like the conventional cigarette, between the fingers. There is also the mini-e cigarette, which is slightly longer than the micro-e cigarette.

Pen devices, eGo and 510s models

The Pen models are also very popular. They owe their name to the resemblance to a ballpoint pen. The 510 models are also visually comparable to the Pen models, but have standard threads and are therefore compatible with other 510 models. For example, one of the tank and evaporators of one brand can be combined with a battery from another manufacturer. They also impress with their more powerful battery, their more sophisticated technology and various settings (eg air supply, temperature, voltage in volts or line in watts). In addition, these models have an additional tank or depot for refilling the liquid. The liquid is either filled directly from a vial into the tank or can be refilled with depot variants by replacing the small depot cartridges.

Other Steam Engines

Also e-cigars, e-pipes or the popular e-Sishas belong to the electronic steam devices, which also evaporate liquid and rely on the same technology as e-cigarettes.

The Clearomizer

Clearomizer / Atomizer for e-cigarettes

Clearomizer models


Clearomizer or even atomizers, are considered to be the heart of each e-cigarette. They contain a so-called “heating coil”, which allows the liquid to evaporate by heat. Again, there are different systems. Which system is suitable for you should decide for yourself. One of these systems is the tank system.


Here is the liquid in a tank of the mouthpiece. Another system is the Cartomizer. In it is a cotton depot, which is impregnated with liquid. Then there is the so-called “Clearomizer”. It is simultaneously an evaporator and liquid tank, and is suitable for almost all models. Another system would be the Atomizer, which can pull its liquid from a cotton-filled depot.

The batteries

The energy source of each e-cigarette are rechargeable batteries. The larger the battery, the more power it gives the cigarette. There are basically three types of batteries: manual batteries, automatic batteries and standard batteries. For the manual batteries, press a button while steaming.

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The automatic batteries recognize by a vacuum switch, however, by itself, when smoking is pulled at the cigarette. Also sockets and USB chargers are especially available for e-cigarettes and are indispensable accessories.

The Liquidse-Liquid in different flavors

E-Liquids are available in various flavor flavors and are available with or without nicotine. Today, there are a variety of different liquids with different flavors. The flavors range from tobacco to coffee, chocolate to fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices – and even alcohol and liqueurs are available.

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Even very unusual flavors like truffles, red bull, cola or wine are now available in the shops. If you are looking for unusual flavors, this is just as much a treat as lovers of strawberry flavor or vanilla. The bandwidth is simply inexhaustible. In other countries too, other exotic liquids are often sold. Products from other countries must in no way be inferior, simply because they come from abroad. Many products from Asia have to struggle with prejudices, but these products can also show a high quality. If you like to buy from abroad, you should check the ingredients. Transparency is also very important in e-Liquids to guarantee maximum safety.

Tip: For strong smokers who want to switch to e-smoking, it is recommended to first access a liquid with higher nicotine content (eg 18 mg). Later, the nicotine dose can then be gradually reduced to 9, 6 and 3 mg, until one day synonymous with completely nicotine-free e-liquid.

Additional accessories

As an accessory for e-cigarettes mouthpieces and cases are available for the cigarettes. So if you are interested in another mouthpiece, you can exchange it.

Conclusion: For smokers, the e-cigarette turns out to be a good alternative to conventional cigarettes. The health benefits are obvious, but the smoke of an e-cigarette is also much more comfortable and healthier for the passive cigarette than the ordinary cigarette. The different systems and models make the perfect model for every smoker. Which system is the right one must ultimately be found for everyone. The variety of different liquids make the heart of every smoker beat faster and ensure a great selection and variety.

E-cigarettes, where to buy?

Disposable cigarettes are already available in various supermarkets, shopping centers and petrol stations. Refillable variants of electronic cigarettes, evaporators, liquids and all accessories can be obtained from well-stocked tobacconists, specialized shops for e-smokers and Sisha steamers or, of course, also on the Internet.